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Investment Process

Our investment process is rigorous, repeatable and transparent.  It begins with informal opinion, reflects innovative thinking and ends with consistent implementation.

  • Step One: Establish goals and objectives
  • Step Two: Create Investment Policy Statement
  • Step Three: Structure Portfolio
  • Step Four: Monitor and Evaluate
  • Step Five: Concise Reporting

Step One- Establish Goals and Objectives

Whether you are planning for retirement or protecting your family’s assets for the future, we will help you determine which wealth planning strategies and portfolio construction is best for you. We look at concepts such as investment objectives, asset categories, desired returns and risk tolerance to evaluate goals and objectives.

Step Two- The Investment Policy

We craft an appropriate strategy for each client. This strategy is reflected in the Investment Policy Statement. This document is reviewed periodically to ensure our approach remains strictly disciplined and consistent with our client’s objectives. Of course as life changes occur, adjustments may be made to the IPS to ensure its timely relevance to our client’s current financial position.

Step Three- Portfolio Management

Our investment team has the responsibility for formulating and implementing a client specific strategy, using our significant resources to craft a portfolio that meets the client’s unique risk, return and income objectives.

Step Four- Monitor and Evaluate

This process continues on a daily basis where we continually dissect on portfolio to ensure returns are achieved, risks are qualified and opportunities are explored.

Step Five- Concise Reporting

Regular, concise statements are delivered. Reviews are conducted on a regular basis to ensure goals are being met and future strategies can be outlined. We may also discuss life changes the client is experiencing so as to make any portfolio adjustments that may be needed based on changes.


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